Mertsy SDK
Product imaging solution for classifieds and marketplaces
Product imaging solution for classifieds and marketplaces
After 7 years of R&D, Cappasity has launched Mertsy SDK, the first mobile digitizing solution for goods, vehicles and real estate. Classifieds can integrate the capturing and displaying of 3D product images directly into their mobile apps and websites.

Immersive technologies help to enhance customer experience by integrating 3D/360/AR visualization into a product card. Unlike photos and videos, this content is fully interactive and provides a complete understanding of the product because it can be viewed from all angles. High-quality immersive content is particularly useful for classified users since it helps buyers make an informed purchase decision and enables sellers to demonstrate items in a more informative and engaging format.

However, until recently, there were no software solutions that would allow classifieds to integrate immersive content shooting functionality into their apps.

Years of R&D have helped Cappasity to provide such an opportunity, and now any classified can easily embed 3D capturing technology into its mobile app.
7 years of R&D
Cappasity allows classifieds to add immersive content production inside their apps.
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